Growth Junkies Unite
A Simple Guide to Invigorate Your Journey

“We can GO through life or we can GROW through life. Growth Junkies Unite will help you get growing NOW!”
—Robert Holden, author of Authentic Success and Shift Happens!

“Today’s leaders need to constantly be evolving in order to stay at the top of their game. ‘Growth junkie’ Emily Ransone makes self-improvement look easy here as she outlines how one can make use of tools and resources in order to be the best version of him or herself.”
—Chip Conley, author of Wisdom@Work and Emotional Equations

Book CoverSelf-proclaimed “Growth Junkie” Emily Ransone has from a young age strived to be the best she can be, and now she has laid out the tools one needs to go out into the world and thrive. Here, the reader can take his or her first steps, or even reignite the path toward becoming a master of life skills by setting new standards when it comes to accountability, support systems, emotional intelligence and more.

Emily Ransone HeadshotEmily Ransone is co-owner and principal at SideMark, an office furniture dealer in the San Francisco Bay Area focused on the motto “We make work feel good.” She is now helping other business leaders find success by helping them implement Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) into their business. She brings passion and connectedness to leadership, with a focus on accountability and results.